FWPL Book Sale

Campaign announcing the 2024 Annual Book Sale of the non-profit organization Friends of the Winnipeg Public Library.

Project Information

Friends of the Winnipeg Public Library is a volunteer non-profit charitable organization that's been around for over thirty years and seeks to promote literacy and learning in a valued partnership with the twenty Winnipeg Public Library branches.

The main challenge for this project is figuring out what type of graphics are needed for the event and the art direction for each piece as they didn't have any promotional designs at the time. In the end, we decided on posters in different sizes, social media posts of the different genres that can be found in the book sale, and graphics for the countdown posts to improve engagement and let people know how close the event was.

The final poster design has two sizes (8.5" × 11" and 11" × 17") which will be used depending on the location, nothing needed to be cut to make it easier and faster for them to get the posters out to the public, and the design allows the typography to be the main focal point for easy readability. The genre posts use illustrations made from similar brushes that relate to the genre. The design follows a clear template to make each post look like a set when viewed together. The countdown post design is fairly simple to let the number of days left be the main focus. The countdown posts use the shapes from the poster and the FWPL logo as patterns depending on the day. With all of these different materials, it effectively promotes the book sale by providing easy scannable information on the poster and increasing engagement and visibility digitally with the genre and the countdown posts.